Why is so hard to lose weight

Why is it so hard to lose weight ?

There are many ways in the market who tell us that your weight can be easily loss. Also if you have ever watched the commercial advertisement about How to lose weight easily by using some pills. And people also think that by using those pills they can lose weight without doing anything in a few days.Basically people buy like that products and they spend millions of dollars on like that thing but the thing is they remain overweight as they were before.

Overview on why is so hard to Lose weight ?

If you are struggling on losing weight then probably you would know that there is no magic like quick or shortcuts method to lose the weight easily. By looking people in youtube just doing 10 minutes videos as they do will never help you to be fit and healthy. they are just showing you nonsense. It isn’t an easy idea to lose weight easily as it looks. You should keep on some of the points which we will tell you below.

Here are some of the points you should keep in mind before you start to lose weight.

Your attitude

If you are really on a track to lose weight then look for a certain way, that it is very hard to lose weight permanently. If your goal is to lose weight then probably look or find something on which can help you to motivate yourself to achieve your goal.

You are starting a journey to weight loss then you should have patience because many people do the exercise for some days and they quit by saying it is not worth it but that is wrong, it isn’t an easy way to lose weight very fast. Motivate yourself and have patience because it isn’t easy to achieve a goal easily. You should keep reminding yourself of all the benefits of exercise like increasing energy, better moods and help to improve night’s sleep.

On a journey you should do exercise daily and should give continuity and you have to write everything you see changes in your life, even if you are losing weight or not. What difficulty you are facing before and what you find after. You should do and care for everything yourself.

Your workouts

So the second thing we are discussing here is about workout. you should do your workout daily otherwise if are not punctual then all your dreams will go to vain. You may lose weight by diet but may be there could be a problem to hit a plateau at some point.

I’m not saying here like you have to spend the whole day at the gym but the thing is you should do it regularly but not killing yourself by doing unwanted exercise. you can make a reasonable schedule to do workout and how much you can do workout that you can follow for a week. you can follow the same process or method for a long term for a longer time.

If you want to get rid of such activities which you hate then build a program around what you enjoy even if it out of range of you follow the exercise guidelines. the thing is you should enjoy while doing exercise no matter if it is in the list of exercise guidelines or not. You have to be active in regular circumstances not just for one day or week.

Your diet

IF you are on a weight losing journey then you should avoid the fast food and junk food you ate before. You should change your way of eating as before you eat for weight loss. you should maintain your diet. You should avoid unhealthy food arounds you and you should eat healthier foods.

Some ideas you should follow :

  • Keeping a food journal
  • You should give more time on grocery store reading
  • give more time on making meals
  • You should of the understand of portion sizes
  • You should be conscious on what you are eating rather than mindless eating

If you want to permanently lose weight then you should give attention to what you are eating and maintain the diet and also make good choices more often than not. A Structured diet may end one day but a healthy diet never stops. In other words like if you never have time when you are eating healthy food then you will lose weight one day sure.

At the end i would like to say to you that if you really want to really eat the foods like you want then of course you can eat but not regularly sometimes you can eat but you should know in your mind how much calorie you can lose how much you have eaten.

Your Lifestyle

In this section we will talk a little about your lifestyle.I’m not saying you have to change the whole lifestyle of yours but you should take care of some things. it’s not like you should quit all the things you do before. But here are some of the ways you should follow to make a healthier life.

Removed the unhealthy daily routines

You should wake up earlier to prepare your meal yourself or squeeze in a workout, you go for a walk sometimes instead of sitting at home. I have saw that many people make many excuses to get rid of the exercise which will lead them to be unhealthy life. So i’m saying this you to not to follow on this kind of trap.

Know how you spend your leisure time

I know many people spend their time on watching tv, mobile and computers/ laptops but make sure you don’t waste your time on these crazy things for a long time. Of Course you can watch or play but not for a whole day this is the main cause of unhealthy life and belly fat. You should pay attention on how you lose your free time that you should make a new routine not like sitting and sleep for a whole day.

Avoid junk foods to lose weight

I saw many people like to eat street food which is very unhealthy for our body. so this habit should be removed. You should avoid the packaged foods but if you want you can eat for some day by making a routine but also it depends on how many calories you can burn.

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