why does FM Radio required earphone in your smartphones?

Intro to FM Radio required earphone

Hey guys,It’s me parwat and today i’m going to explain why does FM Radio required earphone in our smartphones. if we don’t use earphone in our smartphone we will unable to listen the radio in our mobiles and smartphones.

what is earphone ?

It is one of the most important gadget and actually the part of the mobile so it’s quite familiar to us. We use earphone to listen the songs,music and to watch YouTube videos and play video games with it specially PUBG. And according to our topic it’s used to listen FM Radio.

Does FM Radio required earphone ?

OF-course we need earphone to listen the FM Radio. Yeah,it’s necessary to listen the FM radio.Further with reason we will discuss in the below topics.FM Radio required earphone

How does it work ?

FM radio is not only app.It’s not like that if you install any app in the mobile and play FM radio. In the presence the Nokia mobiles doesn’t offers fm radio later on they introduce the FM radio in their mobiles. As we say previously that only app can’t run the Fm radio actually its required the hardware in which by the combination of app and hardware we can listen the FM Radio and it’s the fact. It’s like the computer and by the development of phone it replaces the camera,Radio.telephones etc in one smartphones. in the context of now mobiles play Fm radio it means you have the chip of FM Radio connected in your mobiles. The most important thing to play FM Radio is signal which you get from the Radio Station.

FM Radio required earphone

In the normal phones also if you don’t have antenna then you can’t get signals from radio station and won’t be play. But if you are near the Radio station or you have many Radio Station in your city you can get signal even you have small antenna but like in the village areas and others city in which the radio station are from them will not be easy to get the signal with small antenna but if they have long it will get the signal strengthen. In the previous some mobiles they put antenna so they get the signal but what about your mobiles.

But in the modern mobiles they have small chip inside the mobile hide somewhere so what they do is they attached the chip of wire into the earphone port that’s why you get the signal and can listen the FM Radios. It’s a small chip so it can’t get the signal from that so they attached that into the earphones port.if you don’t connect that chip into the that port then you need an external antenna but what would company think is to reduce the budget of that external antenna they think like that of idea. so when you used earphone it act like a antenna to catch the signal from Radio Station.

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