scout YouTube channel hacked ??

Intro scout YouTube hacked

Hey guys,Its me parwat and today i’m here to tell you the latest news from the indian gaming community. The news is from scout. He said that his channel has been hacked and there is no access from him to his channel.Someone means the hacker is uploading video to his channel.scout YouTube hacked.

Who is scout ?

Scout is an indian gamer of indian gaming community. He has got 3 Million Subscribers in the YouTube. Scout is one of the most popular gamers of player unknown battlegrounds PUBG. He is one of the fastest growing YouTube’s.He is mostly popular for playing PUBG. His PUBG Gameplay skills has made him famous.

What is PUBG ?

PUBG is one of the most popular multiplayer game in the whole world. There are billions of PUBG players in the worldwide. This is the online games where teenagers loved this game too much. This has been handled by the chinese company tencent.It is available for both pc and mobile. PUBG mobile is too much famous also players from laptop,computer played in emulator named Gameloop.So this game is quite famous.

IS Scout YouTube channel really hacked or not ?

Yes we got the information from scout who has said that his channel has been hacked by someone. And he is uploading the videos don’t related to him with same desktop fonts as scout used in some videos. He has said that his YouTube channel will be recovered soon. And also the YouTube also responding him and said that the channel will be recovered soon. Now he is using Alpha channel for streaming the gameplay of the game. As we know all that pubg is banned in india. so that’s why he played somehow freefire and others online games too. Also Alpha health condition is also improving. He said that he is his best friend so he has got his channel to do live stream.


Yes it’s true that all of the YouTuber’s and viewers is suspicious on the YouTube channel named The Best Software . His disclaimer in the video and the uploaded video in the Scout channel disclaimer is matched but the fact is not been clear.if we got any news on it we will update you soon stay tune.

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