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Hello friends i am back again to talk about sadak 2 the people who saw my previous videos on Random talkers they know that the sadak 2 trailer review that i did brought me a lot of views so i was thinking of more drilling this goldmine sadak 2 movie got released two days back so i didn’t watch it didn’t watch it i want to save my brain but i thought i won’t see the movie i don’t want to watch the movie even when i have disney hotstar subscription but let me see what are the critics saying about this movie sadak 2 .

what are they saying i went to different websites i scrolled and found indian express is saying with its mouth wide open that it is a terrible film mean to say it is good one time watch but no they directly said it is a terrible watch there is another newspaper critic from Hindustan times it said sadak 2 is 2020’s worst movie they are even explaining that how can it be the worst film what they are saying is mahesh bhat the director of this particular movie had made some excellent movies in the nineties but he didn’t show his skills with this movie sadak 2.

There are many reviews i can’t explain all but let me tell you one more review from Bollywoodlife .Bollywoodlife says sanjay dutt and jisu sengupta were the only brightest spot in the movie but movie does not work with spots the whole movie should actually work so the things that i am saying in-front of you are all live updates so sadak 2 is a cringey movie.

I hope u know what is cringe the things that make us go like this why the hell did i watch it i should unwatch it so you cant actually unwatch something but watch at your risk lock-down is there cases of covid 19 increasing why add another stress of watching a dull movie so watch it or dont watch it your wish i cant hold you and make you do something so do whatever you like until next time bye

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