Learn 3D Game development with unity

Introduction to course

Hello guyz it’s me parwat and today i’m going to share you awesome course to learn Learn 3D Game development with unity. In this course you will learn from scratch to make professional games like ninja warriors.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn To Code in C#
  • Develop strong and transferable problem solving skills
  • Understand the capabilities of game development using Unity
  • Gain an excellent knowledge of game creation
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice
  • Create Stunning 3D Games

Requirements :

  • you need to have one pc or mac
  • can run unity 3D

Who is this course for ?

Starters and those who want to learn fro scratch can enroll this course . You will be able to make professional type of games after this course.

3D Game development with unity Course content

11 sections • 152 lectures • 40h 52m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction4 lectures • 1hr 9min 3D Game development with unity

  • Introduction And Course Overview – PLEASE DON’T SKIP THIS VIDEOPreview08:56
  • Downloading Unity01:55
  • Installing Unity And Taking A Look At Its Interface11:30
  • Pumpkins And Golems: Your First Unity 3D GamePreview46:56

Learn To Code In C#18 lectures • 4hr 40min

  • Introduction To Variables18:21
  • Operations With Variables16:32
  • Functions17:31
  • Conditional Statements23:56
  • Loops12:28
  • Arrays18:36
  • Arrays And Functions08:08
  • Classes And Objects24:09
  • Quiz 14 questions
  • Constructors12:01
  • Passing Values And References To Function Parameters08:22
  • Data Encapsulation13:00
  • Inheritance21:52
  • Monobehaviour23:47
  • Static Variables And Functions08:20
  • Coroutines14:54
  • Delegates21:12
  • Enumerations04:59
  • Arrays And Lists11:23
  • Quiz 24 questions

Awesome Runner – Unity 3D Infinite Runner Game41 lectures • 12hr 15min

  • Awesome Runner Game PreviewPreview04:23
  • Importing Our Assets08:36
  • Unity Interface, Build Settings And Layouts19:19
  • Models, Shaders, Lightning And Prefabs17:00
  • Level Generator Part 118:01
  • Level Generator Part 222:16
  • Lvl Generator Part 335:45
  • Adding Player In Our Scene12:30
  • Player Movement And Camera Follow Player29:21
  • Player Jump23:47
  • Quiz 34 questions
  • Double Jump14:31
  • Player Animation18:44
  • Introduction To Particle System08:58
  • Foot Smoke Particle Effect08:32
  • Player Foot Smoke25:29
  • Foot Sounds And Animation Triggers21:46
  • Adding A Background In Our Game And Using Multiple Cameras27:16
  • Infinite Level Effect22:18
  • The Collector Script08:13
  • Adding Monsters In Our Game17:41
  • Creating Bullets13:31
  • Monster Script32:34
  • Death Particle Effect26:02
  • Destroying The Monster12:29
  • Player Shooting15:10
  • Health Collectable And Physics Material14:07
  • Level Generator Pooling29:16
  • Spawning Monsters And Collectables20:21
  • Unitys UI System14:24
  • Creating Main Menu Scene13:02
  • UI Anchor Points15:30
  • Animating UI Elements20:15
  • Detecting Button Touches17:22
  • Creating Our Gameplay UI13:00
  • Singletons16:17
  • GameManager, GameplayController And Checking Which Scene Was Loaded13:01
  • GameplayController11:35
  • Score System And Player Died System23:35
  • Pause Panel19:40
  • Playing Music In Our Game12:21
  • Shoot Button And Jump Button17:20
  • Quiz 43 questions

Animations in unity5 lectures • 1hr 26min

  • Importing Assets And Creating Animations13:44
  • Animator Controller17:55
  • Animation Transitions19:51
  • Multiple Transition Conditions14:47
  • Jump Animation19:17
  • Quiz 52 questions

Puzzle Ball – Unity 3D Game27 lectures • 7hr 24min

  • Puzzle Ball Game PreviewPreview04:54
  • Importing Assets And Organizing The Project03:40
  • Creating Our Main Menu11:06
  • Camera Script27:30
  • Finishing Camera Script11:00
  • Ball Script10:24
  • Getting Balls Direction12:33
  • Camera Relative Position28:07
  • Moving The Ball18:52
  • Drag And Air Speed14:48
  • Finishing Balls Movement43:03
  • Creating Our First Level21:22
  • Rescaling The Ball22:34
  • Finishing Level117:31
  • Ball Roll Sound13:47
  • Sound Volume Based On Collision20:59
  • Importing Level 206:55
  • Finishing Level 220:03
  • Level 3 Introduction07:28
  • Finishing Level 329:56
  • Level 4 Introduction03:18
  • Enemy Ball AI32:43
  • Enemy Ball Sound Effect23:45
  • Level 510:40
  • Level 6 Introduction03:42
  • Moving Floors14:02
  • Moving Floors With Animations09:29

Awesome Ninja – Zombie And Boss Fight Unity 3D Game35 lectures • 10hr 33min

  • Awesome Ninja Game PreviewPreview03:25
  • Importing Assets And Organizing The Project04:31
  • Importing Ninja Character In Our Game08:35
  • Ninja Animations20:31
  • FreeMovementMotor24:39
  • PlayerMoveKeyboard29:02
  • Player Attack14:11
  • Player Sword07:02
  • Slash Effects22:50
  • Mecanim Event Detector31:58
  • Setting Up Player Skills12:05
  • Programming Player Skills32:25
  • Skill 2 And Skill 3 Effects18:58
  • Skill Scripts16:13
  • Prefab Generator Script27:17
  • Fireball Skill Script17:45
  • Preparing Our Enemies08:54
  • Enemy AI21:30
  • Nav Mesh Agent28:12
  • Enemy Health Script30:01
  • Player Health17:31
  • Enemy Attack Points24:01
  • Enemy Attack Collision Script15:21
  • Attack Collision Script20:19
  • Skill Damage Script12:22
  • Importing Boss In Our Game06:52
  • Boss AI20:03
  • Boss Skill Script23:01
  • BossSkillDamage And BossHealth Script12:50
  • Attack Boss Collision And Skill Damage Boss Scripts18:04
  • Preparing The Attack Buttons07:00
  • Player Attack Button11:37
  • Wait Before Using Skills36:13
  • Player Move Joystick16:57
  • Health Slider11:06

Zig Zag – Unity 3D Game9 lectures • 1hr 52min

  • Zig Zag Game PreviewPreview02:12
  • Importing Assets And Preparing The GameplayScene06:49
  • Ball Script15:29
  • Camera Follow Script08:51
  • Spawning Tiles12:01
  • Tiles Fall Down12:40
  • Creating Collectable Items23:31
  • Spawning Collectables In Our Game05:47
  • Changing The Mood In Our Game With Lights And Colors24:26

Camera Animations And Cutscenes5 lectures • 47min

  • Camera Animations And Cut Scenes PreviewPreview02:10
  • Creating Camera 1 Animations17:02
  • Camera 2 And Camera 3 Animations09:01
  • Animation Controller 13:19
  • Another Way To Create Cut Scenes05:47

Light Effects In Unity6 lectures • 43min

  • Lightning And Mood PreviewPreview01:09
  • Directional Lights And Skyboxes12:54
  • Point Lights10:33
  • Spot Lights03:49
  • Shadow Effects06:44
  • Baking Lights07:33


3D Game development with unity

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