How to Reduce your stress level

How to reduce your stress level

There may be nothing that stops your expenses or bills likewise there is nothing which stops the stress of your life. People seem very happy  but inside them in different ways the stress revolves around them there is no more hours in the day for errands but family,responsibilities,and career demands the most that is stress.

Managing stress is about taking deals of your thoughts,emotions,environment and every problem in your life,it may be family,society,career or the problems of the country in different ways.the extreme or best goals is to balance life with the time for work, fun,relax to hold under the pressure of work or facing the challenges. To reduce or decrease a level of stress firstly we have to identify or recognize the source of stress in life.  

Recognizes the source of stress level in your life 

Stress management journey starts with recognizing  the source of stress in life. Managing stress isn’t easy as it takes lots of hard work and determination.The true source of stress isn’t easily seen or recognized. You may know  that you are continuously worried about your work deadlines.but maybe it’s  your delay,rather than the job demand that leads to a deadline of stress. We are simply special in our way so we all experience stress and tension in our own unusual  way.

   For example someone who works 18 hours in a day may face more work stress than someone who works 9 hours in a day. Some people on the earth have a talent for dealing with different types of stress but not every person has a talent of dealing with stress. If we are in stress we clearly know that because we breathe out we are sweating, muscles would be tight. 

Here below the symptoms of stress  you will recognize the face of your colleagues and your family members who are  dealing with stressful situations.and you can recognize these stresses in yourself also. Be aware that stress can easily be noticed itself in a curious way.

Emotional stress symptoms;

 Having emotional stress leads people to fearful situations ,people who are in emotional stress are more frightened in just a  normal situation they can’t handle.people who get easily angry or mad we have to understand those people have a emotional stress likewise people who have emotional stress are irritated,aggressive,lack of power or energy,having a sense of critics ,loss confidence over own,etc

Behavioral stress symptoms;

The people who are in the stress habit of using  unnecessary things like smoking,drinking, not attending social functions, habit  of avoiding jobs or work they are dealing  with change, they prefer to be introverted they prefer to spend alone rather than often being with others. They laugh and have fun less than before.

    How to learn healthy  way to manage stress level 

There are so many ways to manage a stress level. First you should know the situation. What’s going on requires lots of change. Either you have to change the situation or change the reaction depending upon you what to do.   You have to avoid,adapt or accept the situation; it depends upon the situation .

       Everyone has a special response to stress. There is no one thing that fills all stress, managing no single way works for every situation. You have to choose the method in genuine techniques and have to focus on that which makes you cool and control . Nowadays it’s too hard to overcome stress once in a while. To  learn a healthy way to manage stress needs more practise and we have to do it daily.  Here are some healthy way to manage stress are  given below:


      Workout regularly for about 1 to 1:30 hours helps to be physically fit ,physically fit means it  helps to reduce stress or helps in breathing system while walking,running,jogging etc which helps to brings positive thoughts and vibes,exercise regularly helps to sleep peacefully which helps to reduce stress easily.exercise  helps to your mood too,when your body feel good your mind constantly get relief from stress.the exercise like running,jogging,cycling playing plays a vital role to manage healthy way to manage stress level.  

        If you don’t have time or won’t able to allocate time for formal exercise you can find some work like as alternative of formal exercise you can use your leg instead of vehicle for visiting store likewise, you can clean your house or wash your clothes with hands instead of machine, you can walk during a break time like furthermore.

       Diet and sleep

    Diet and sleep plays a more vital role in managing healthy stress levels ,good mental health is a result or outcome of healthy food and peaceful sleep. A healthy food controls the effect of stress , it  decreases your blood pressure to a low level,it’s  also helpful for weight loss, we have to eat food that contains proteins like eggs,meat,green vegetables,fruits etc.  A common effect of being in  stress is that you are struggling to fall asleep, due to the lack of sleep it  makes more burden to your mind which takes you to stress. To sleep peacefully we have exercise daily, make a perfect schedule of sleeping, avoid alcohol and other harmful substances which affects your health, make a habit of meditation daily, try to focus more on hygiene to be healthy and stress free.  

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