how to make site with WordPress tutorial

Intro of WordPress tutorial

Hey, It’s me parwat and today i’m going to show you the WordPress tutorial and tell how to start with this. In this post we will learn to access WordPress and we will discuss furthermore on WordPress.

what is WordPress ?

WordPress is one of the most popular and simplest CMS . We can create a stunning website with the use of it. IN this world million of people use WordPress to design and publish the site. WordPress has made the people too much easy to design and developed website. Many freelancers make the website with he help of wordpress and generating $1000 a month. 0% of code is required to make a website from wordpress. we can visually edit the website no need to code.

How to start ? WordPress tutorial

To get started with it you have buy hosting and domain from the website and install the wordpress on your hosting and start to built the website with it. You can watch the tutorial on youtube also.

How to buy domain and hosting ?

You can simply buy domain from godaddy or others platform. To buy hosting simply click in the link below and also you can buy the domain from that also .


Basic tutorial to make a simple site from wordpress

here are some of the steps to follow then you can easily make the simple site :-

  1. install WordPress on your hosting
  2. Access the WordPress dashboard by typing wp-admin after your site (e.g ) .
  3. Now you can look your site you will see a theme already installed in your site with default theme .
  4. if you want to change theme go to appearance and theme and add new theme and simply you can upload the theme in zip file and can download the theme inside from WordPress, simply you have to click install and after installed you can click activate and see the site once then your site layout will be changed,
  5. Now you can go to appearance and click customization according to yours opinion.
  6. you can go to post and add new to add post on your site.

Now your site is ready and hope you have learn some basic about wordpress tutorial.

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