How to make money with freelancer

Intro to freelancer

Hello guys, it’s me parwat and in this post i’m going to show you how to earn money from freelancer. Yes its the right place to know how can you earn money fast from freelancer. Here are some of the tips which i followed and get succeed.

What is freelancer ?

If you don’t know about it, let me know you that freelancer is a site where people post project and freelancers bid on the project. So in this way freelancer worked. Freelancer is one of the most powerful source of income where people are earning $1000 a day with their skills.

How to start ?

To start on this site simply click here to register. The first thing you have to do when the site open is to create a account here or login with google. Now you have to put your resume and activate your account correctly. And the most important thing is to make your description awesome and eye catching and look professional. To do that you can visit on youtube and can learn to create a professional account on freelancer,

After the activation of account

After the account create you can take the course on freelancer and buy some bids if you need more for you and upgrade your account to pro level.Now you can go to browse project and choose the project according to your related category and depends upon your skills. Now simply bid the project.

How to impress them ?

First of all greet them and tell them your skills and knowledge and tell the experience on the related category of yours. And send them the portfolio,resume to them. And the main thing the freshers do the mistake is don’t provide the previous work.yes you should show them the previous work so they could be impress from you. Here nothing is about important to impress,you have to impress them by your work.

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