How to make money on fiverr

Into to make money on fiverr

Hey guyz It’s me parwat and today we are going to talk on making money on fiverr. Yes guys if you want to earn $1000 a month its the best platform i recommended you to join and earn money.

What is fiverr ?

Well, fiverr is a platform for part time freelancers by providing services to people. And millions of people come to fiverr to give works. And also freelancer are earning $100-$200 a day here.

How can we earn and way to start on fiverr ?

So,we discuss about what is fiverr ? and way to make money on fiverr ?so the main thing is how to start ?

Well first of all we should create a account simply on fiverr . And from that we should create a gig so simply click on create a new gig.

step 1 ( make money on fiverr )

The first step here is to write the low keywords meaningful and eye catching title. An there you should have to create category and service type as shown in the figure.

Step 2 ( make money on fiverr )

Te second step is to choose the price according to 3 packages or you can simply off the three packages and choose the one fixed prices and if you are choosing three column then there you will find :- Basic,Standard and Premium and have to write descripton according to package and provide all the features on starting.

Step 3

The step 3 is to only describe the gig according to your subject and should be professional.

Step 4

In this step 4 you have to give the requirement from the user to complete the project from buyers.And you can add frequently asked questions too.

Step 5

Now this is the final step and in this step you have to add image of your gig to attract the people and give works to you and should be meaningful not meaningless.

Now the gigs have successfully completed you can see my gig from here

click here

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