How to Lose Belly Fat for Men and Women both

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy and nobody wants belly fat too. They don’t need Six abs but want to lose belly fat. When we have a fit body we can have all types of clothes to be fit on our body. Becoming fat and staying healthy is a very big problem in our daily life.

And this problem occurs because of not having proper knowledge about nutrition. Many people search on the internet that how can they lose the weight but they don’t know the reason why the fat gain in our body but in this article we will tell you everything about the reason and how can you lose your weight.

Sitting down to cure the disease without knowing the actual reason how he got that disease isn’t a right way. So first we will discuss how you are gaining fat in your body then we will tell how you can lose it easily.After that there are very simple and quick steps will be taught in this article that you do not need to follow anything new. your body will not lose weight in a few days the thing you need is patience.

For that reason we have these simple tips and ideas that you have to follow daily to lose weight and of course this for both men and women then you will see the changes in your body after a few weeks.

How do you gain belly fat /Weight in your body ?

So firstly i would like to tell you that the simple formula or equation for the maintenance of your body is that CALORIES IN = CALORIES OUT. It means that we take calories from every food we eat and all the things or activities we do daily in our life like walking, sitting, azure breathing etc.We can simply understand by the process of vehicle and the petrol. Vehicle is run through the use of petrol and petrol is finished after it goes here and there. Likewise, I want to elaborate to you that calories are increased when you eat the foods and are taken out after your daily activities.

In the same way if we try to consume less calories for our body then it’s sure that your weight will start to decrease. Overweight is also not good and also underweight is not good at all guys, you may cause unwanted diseases.

The thing you have to do is CALORIES IN = CALORIES OUT which you have to keep it balanced. You have to maintain both on foods and exercises.The main thing you have to care about is food not exercise because 75% is dependent upon what you have eaten. You have to keep balanced like what you have eaten and do the exercise as per how much you have eaten. Only doing exercise will not make your body fit. 

Ways to keep calories formula equal

Eating the foods slowly (to decrease the belly fat)

One of the main problems is eating the food fast. So one of the smartest ideas to lose weight for men and women is to eat slowly. It means when we are ating that means we are taking calories in our body and you know how many times we listen to the dialogue from our parents to eat fast in our childhood, isn’t it ?

That’s why we got the habit of eating the food fast, so when we start to eat and finish it fast or stomach will be full and as we know that it takes minimum of 20 minutes for the signal to reach our minds.But the main problem of every person is that they finished the food in five minutes due to which we couldn’t even guess the time. Knowing how much we are taking the calories. out of this we have many benefits of eating the food slowly.

Eating slow advantages

Here the best way to reduce the weight for men and women is eating slowly means how fast you eat, the higher you consuming calorie and the eating slowly means eating less calories.

Let me tell you one experiment, a year ago there was one woman who ate food in 9 minutes in which she was consuming 646 calories and while eating slowly which was 29 minutes that she consumed 579 calories. That was 20 minutes longer than before she ate. You can see the difference in timing and the calories.

Digestion process

We come to third methods and in this method we are talking about digestion. Many people around the world thinks that the digestion started from the stomach but that is not the truth. the truth is that the digestion starts from inside of our mouth or the time of smelling the aroma of the food. When the aroma of the food comes close to our mouth then at that time our brain thinks to secrete the saliva from our mouth. The saliva is the first thing that starts the process of digestion. When there is the time of fast eating, if you unable to keep the food for a long time in your mouth then by chewing it properly then it’s an incomplete process.So after this for the gastric secretions in our stomach will be unable to digest the food properly when you eat the foods quickly and you can face many disease related to stomach.

If you want to make the habits for eating slow then i will give you some tips if you are a fast eater but the thing is that you need to do practice. You should try to eat the food slowly for the first few days then after a week you will see changes that you are eating slower than before. After this you get rid of fast eating. # belly fat

Using small plates while eating

In this method of choosing small plates for eating we will also discuss the report published by the journal of the Association of Consumer Research . They have shown that reducing the diameter of the plate by 30% can reduce the mood of consuming the food by 30% but also it has two conditions.

You have to serve your food yourself and the second thing is how much you are eating. You shouldn’t keep in mind who will monitor or I will monitor myself. So these were very simple steps you can follow to lose your weight yourself in your home.

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