How to increase YouTube subscribers from (0-1k) per day

Intro to increase YouTube subscribers

Today we are going to talk about how to increase YouTube subscribers on YT! My name is Max Chernov and I am here to help you out with your YT career! introIs 1000 subs enough for a start? Of course! A very common unhealthy opinion is that professionalism certain fields require a huge audience and loads of views in order to promote themselves or their product. This is totally wrong! Because not everyone has to be a blogger to make money.

For example gaming channels, where people post compilations of them playing CS or any other game. Yes, they do need a lot of views, as most of their profits come from YT ads. But if you are an expert, you will usually receive money not directly from YT, but from your clients who found you through YT, online products that you sell or conferences where you speak. You may also receive money from targeted sponsorship,affiliate sales and ! Lets take me as an example, this is a new channel with little audience, what makes it legit and useful? It’s the fact that I have a Russian channel with over 200k subscribers about the same topic. I also worked as a GUCCI brand manager before I started my own project.

See, I might have little audience on this new channel, but I carry value in my content.So in most cases unless you are a kid who plays games, you don’t need that many views to be valuable and needed. [ipad sketching]* create new videos regularly At first you should upload new videos regularly. 1 video per week is the absolute minimum to survive, 2 videos are acceptable, 3 videos are ideal for a start, considering the fact that you probably have some other things to do in life like hobbies, family, friends and maybe even job.

You can prepare them in advance to make your life easier. Such high pace is needed only for the first few months, not the whole year. Don’t worry, you won’t burnout. However burnout can be an issue in long term. Some bloggers get too hyped on posting often that in a year they just have no motivation, nor ideas to post. Often that leads to the death of their YT channel * comments Next way is to leave comments under the videos which got promoted and have millions of views.

Two ways increase YouTube subscribers

There are two ways. 1. One you either find a channel which is similar to your niche and comment something wise regarding the topic of the video, or just mention how the content of that specific Youtuber affected your life, for example, that he is the reason you began your YT channel. People may like it, so the comment will be brought to the top and you will get noticed. 2. Another way is to write something basic like‘is there anyone from 2020?’. This sounds stupid but such comment can get thousands of likes, which will give your channel some recognition. However, don’t ask for likes or followers,you will sound clingy and this is not very attractive.

Never ask to ‘follow for follow’ people,dead subscribers will ruin your channel statistics. * barter Also, try reaching out to IG accounts or FB groups which cover the content of your niche and offer them your video. The video must be filled with content. Like that both you and the group will benefit. Possible barter deal can be made as such:when you post one of your videos, in the description you can leave a link to their IG or any other social media platform they use. This way, you will get viewers from their page, and they will get your audience from YT.

Its a win win deal! * Friendly connections Try telling your friends who might have similar interests to your content about your YT channel. Do not use templates, just send them a custom message as if you are texting a friend. At early stage this may give you 30-50 crucial followers and supporters! Don’t text everyone with the same template message just asking to follow you, this looks like spam and gives you a bad reputation. Neediness is always a bad thing, everything must come naturally. * strategy You should see strategic patterns on your channel.

Views discussion :

Lets say your videos get around 100 views. But there is one video that got 350 views. The key moment here is to analyze that video,determine the key points of why the audience liked it and create a video on similar topic. With time this will raise your average view mark, progressing your channel. Choose specific days on which you gonna post your content. In the creative YT studio you can check the most active time periods of your audience. Posting at most active times gives you chances of receiving more views.

Next step is placing a fixed comment under your video, in which you include a question for your audience or a topic for discussion. This way you comment section will be more active, and YT will notice that. You can also research videos from other people in your niche, and see which videos busted out. For example, a YT channel with 10k subscribers got 50k views.Try re creating a video similar to the topic of that video. * Thumbnails Now let’s get to the artistic part where your creativity is required. Thumbnails. Thumbnail together with the title is 50% of how successful the video will be.

You may have a great video, but if your thumbnail sucks, no one will click on it. You can judge how good your thumbnail is by CTR (Click-Through Rate), на планшете for example your video is shown to 100 people in recommendations, and 5-10 out of a 100 click on it, that’s a really good rate! However, if only 1-2 clicks on it, that’s bad. Personally, I judge that number after 2-3 days. If CTR is below 5%, I change the thumbnail. As a beginner there is no need to be this extra, but it’s just a good habit to do so. Main tips that make up a good thumbnail are:Your face with emotions has to be a big part of it ( preferably ), this creates a better communication between the viewer and content. Next to your face add the object which directly relates to your video. It should be clearly visible.

To top it up add some juicy bold text. It should be catchy, short and easily readable. You can try using click baits, but don’t overplay it. Don’t say Logan Paul announcing that he will take part in the next president election in the US. Unless it is true. You will just be hated for such strong baits. * format of your video.

The content of the video: Best format to start with is the ‘talking head’, like me rightnow. It is easy to set up. You can share your real experience regarding specific topic, while not being an actual expert and not wasting tons of money on professional filming equipment. Do not do vlogs at the moment as you are not famous and no one cares about you, this will make your life much harder in terms of promoting your channel. Right now YT doesn’t care as much about how deeply the audience goes into the video, they care mostly about the time spent on the platform. на айпаде For example if the videois 2 mins long, most people might watch 90% of it, this is a bit less than 2mins. But let’s say if people watch 40% of a 20min long video.This is 8mins spent on the platform. That’s why podcasts became so famous, such as Joe Rogan.

He makes the audience stay for longer, this advantages YT. But don’t go like JR at the beginning, stick with 8-12 min for now. Your editing must be more or less dynamic to keep your audience interested. Include some pop ups, GIFS, jokes and include close ups and far shots on your face. Once again you can ask a freelancer to do it for you.

You can ask you audience to subscribe, however,it becomes more tempting when you bring it up with an argument. For example, ‘Follow me and you will get more similar content or an extension to this video’. Make the audience understand what value you carry to them if they subscribe. Last but not least, it’s all about consistency and hard work. Many people get bored after few months without seeing any vast progress and drop out. However, the ones who are patient and are keeping up high quality videos and consistency over long term, they become successful.

increase YouTube subscribers

increase YouTube subscribers

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