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Hello, Guys Welcome to all, i am gonna tell you that how to grow instagram followers & tips and tricks to grow instagram followers, so lets get started.. So guys, I doubled my Instagram following in 2020 you can check my instagram account @parwat_pariyar & these followers are organic followers and i have gained these followers in few months most of the youtubers suggest you to use like for like or follow for follow tricks but i don’t suggest you that trick because for a time it will help you to grow your followers but you will not get any post engagement , likes comments.

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So these followers will be ghost followers these followers will be like bot followers and you will not get any engagement and you will not get any profit also So, lets move on to my actual tips to grow instagram followers organically First is Hashtag Secret your post on instagram performs betters with hashtags & you can use up to 30 hashtags in one post and i suggest you to use upto 30 hashtags on each of your instagram post.

Hashtags are that your post will grow more and your post may appear in search So try to use 30 hashtags and it should be of less post count and you can use hashtags from google or you can search for hashtags apps on google play store And the app i use for hashtags is focalmark From Focalmark you can So first post your photo or video and then in comment paste your hashtags and from this your post will be organised and your post will grow more as compared to other post and you will get more likes, comments & followers.

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My next tip is be active and engaging on your profile So for this you have to reply to your friends comment on there profile And reply to the comments you have received And from this whenever you do such things then the user always visit your profile and if the user like your content he or she will like your post and will also follow you also And your engagement will also increase and you will get more comments on your post and keep replying to your comments and try to question more because this will get you more comments and for example if you get 10 comments then after replying to those 10 comments your comments will increase to 20 comments and it will grow your post more .

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So my next tip is feed Aesthetics So basically feed aesthetic is that your profile should look attractive , your profile should be well organised it should be theme based for example if your page is of travel so you should post travel content only and if your page is of photography then you must post photography content only and this will make you profile look more attractive and from this you will get more likes and followers on your instagram profile My next tip is cross promotion So basically cross promotion is if you have more likes on facebook then ask your facebook user to follow you on Instagram and if you have more followers on Instagram then ask them to like you on facebook also and from this your audience will grow and this will help you is cross promotion and you will get more engagement and will grow your followers fast.

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My next tip is stick to a category So always maintain your category as i told you post only category wise like travel then only travel and this will help you to grow followers fast on instagram My next tip is interact with followers Always interact with your followers Ask questions from your followers in comments section or post stories by asking your followers like Q&A and this will grow your profile fast and you will get followers for free and if this trick works for you then like this video and share it and if you use this tricks you will get featured on the instagram search panel and you will get 10k followers in a month

Tips 5

So my final and the most important tip is insights Understanding your profile insights is most important So make sure that you post you content at best time and the timing factor is most important on instagram for engagement and likes and if you post at perfect time on instagram you will get more likes and for this your profile should be business profile and if your profile is not business profile then you can use apps for insights and my favorite app is Prime And the advantage of this app is that it tells you the perfect time and date to post your Instagram photo/video and from that you will get more Instagram followers and likes So guys that for it for now i hope you likes the post.

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