How do we lose weight

Being fit and healthy is a dream of every human being. Weight lose It takes more determination and hardwork to be fit and healthy. About ninety percent human beings are suffering from heavy weight, but few human beings are able to achieve their target and goals of being fit and healthy. For weight loss not only our fooding, our physical activities ,our stress level or how
much we take stress, how we allocate time for sleeping or how our sleep quality is, we suffer from different diseases or not all these things matter.

How is it beneficial for us

Before you set a weight loss target, it’s very important to know the benefits of weight loss Being fit or having weight loss helps to have better sleep.being fit and healthy motivated people to improve their lifestyle and make alert about further helps to improve cholesterol levels. Diabetes has improved or gone into remission. Being fit and healthy motivated and provide energy for doing anything you have to do. Fit and healthy body provides greater energy and confidence for the more social and outgoing no longer feeling inhibited by weight. Being fit and healthy helps to rediscover the passion of activities such as hiking, swimming ……. Fit and healthy makes more happier and generally more optimistic being fit and healthy reduces joint pain and helps to improve in
most weight related medical helps to overcome diseases such as depression, asthma, high cholesterol urinary incontinence, heart disease etc.
Fit and healthy body offers peace of mind and increased focus and concentration. It helps to live a peaceful life. Make the list of benefits of weight loss and hang it on a wall of your room when you feel discouraged visit the list of benefits of weight loss.

How it beneficial on lifestyle

Weight loss help to improved lifestyle further more it helps to being active in social life likewise it helps to improved a standard of sex life similarly it help to improved body posture. Its helps to improved vitality additionally it also helps to improve a mood of people not only these but also it helps to motivate people to join a weight loss program further daily with routine. Its also helps to reduce back pain,moreover it helps to decrease risk or
improvement in symptoms of sleep apnea and decrease risk of stroke.

How weight lose change relationships

People only do not lose weight to be fit and healthy. Sometimes people have to lose their weight to save their relationship and their marriage. People have been also losing their weight after being in a relationship to make someone else happy, but there may be some relationship that won’t be solved by weight loss. Having support by your family and society also bring vast positive impact on weight loss journey. If you decide to lose weight then you wouldn’t continue for long-term without reasonable goals and targets. First you should set your reasonable goal likewise you have to save your marriage, relationship or whatever you have to do.

How to set smart target to success
weight lose journey

Weight loss is a very hard work to succeed. It takes lots of effort and true commitment. Most people set their target at the beginning of the year but after one or two month later they lose their hope and commitment and fail to complete their target due to very weak spirit and lose hope to faith on yourself. If you have desire of being fit and healthy for weight loss you should have to faith on yourself and you have to told that yourself i have to do it anyhow in any cost i won’t give up on myself I would do my best. No diet or weight loss program helps you to lose your weight. First you have to set reasonable goals and targets. A solid reasonable goal helps you to success your journey without a reasonable goal never expect to be success. If you don’t set your goal you’re similarly like a driver who doesn’t know where we are going.

How to stay motivated to weight lose

After setting a goal we are able to lose weight with diet and exercise but we cant finish it because of mental pressure due to different types of pressure perhaps we can’t lose our weight .but you shouldn’t have thought of failure even if you’ve start and take break before,still you can lose your weight by putting some specific skills to stay motivated’ve to stick your weight loss efforts and reach your target of losing weight.

SMART goals are often used to set a target because of it we make clear concepts and strategies and run in a part of success. After setting smart goals you have to take a track of success whether you have to lie on a bed and sleep or do hard work to achieve your targets. After seeing your progress you will be motivated.

why is so hard to loose weight

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