gunjan saxena movie review


The film is based on true incident.This movies shows the real life story of gunjan saxena in which janvi kapoor played the role on her. This movie is based on struggling and gender discrimination saxena was called the kargil girl who fought with air defense system. She was awarded shaurya vir award for her courage in 1999.

gunjan saxena movie Review

This movie is inspired by events based on the life of Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena. The movie has been created by taking creative liberties and dramatizing the events for cinematic expressions.The indian Air Forces supports Equility in the Skies. 1625 womens armies are in the indian Air force now.It indicates that gunjan saxena has inspired all the womens that women can do everything if they want.This is not only the movie but also the movie based on true story. Gunjan saxena was the first girl who fought in kargil .she was the first lady who joined the indian army air force. This biography movie will realesed on netflix in aug 12,2020. we can watch the full movie with our family in Netflix,Theatre. Because we should show our children like this inspiring movie specially girls which are dominating in some of thee part of the village in india. In the past there was a practice of dominating womens and till now we could see in some part of our country where there is no education. This movie is dedicated to all should see this movie. We will upload this movie if possible in future if possible .

gunjan saxena movie Released date

Initial release: August 12, 2020
Director: Sharan Sharma
Producers: Karan Johar, Hiroo Johar, Apoorva Mehta

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