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google seo training:

Are you getting stuck on ranking your websites,blog you are in the right place. Here we are going to share you one of the best google seo training By the MOZ for absolutely free online. To get our post website first on the google we should know and learn the basics of SEo and become expert in google SEo and Rank our post etc in the google we should learn the SEo .SO for that this is a free course by moz. As you knwo how big company is MOZ . Moz is a SEO Software for Smarter Marketing.This is a pro tool which is used to increase traffic and ranking our post on the google and they charges to much but here is a free course for you to know about Soe in Which officially MOZ has launched on udemy .

google seo training Course content :

SEO Strategy Development

  • What does an SEO do in ours day by day works ? 06:21
  • How to craft remarkable SEO strategy for 2017 09:01
  • SEO Strategy Audit in 5 Steps 09:49
  • How to make a well title with more search volume 11:54
  • Creating a Customer Journey Map 10:47

Site Audits and Structure3 lectures • 41min

  • how to audit your site at startup 18:00
  • Controlling Indexing for better Search Engine Ranks 12:23
  • Subfolders vs. Subdomains 10:46

Keyword Research Basics2 lectures • 19min

  • Step by Step process for discovering, prioritizing keywords 12:07
  • How to Build a Killer Content to Keyword Map 06:42

On-Page SEO Fundamentals2 lectures • 29min

  • 8 awesome principle to rank fast 17:42
  • How to Optimize for Competitors’ Branded Keywords 11:27

Link building and Off-Page SEO3 lectures • 39min

  • The Rules of Link Building 08:46
  • Targeted Link Building in 2016 12:46
  • 20 Attributes that Influence a Link’s Value 17:08

SERP Features (a.k.a. Featured Snippets)1 lecture • 12min

  • How to Appear in Google’s Answer Boxes 11:34

Reporting on SEO2 lectures • 18min

  • How to convert client goals into reportable metrics 08:58
  • How to prove the ROI of content campaigns 09:25

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